1995 Canadian Fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike at Fishing Resort in Northern Ontario Canada

Canadian Walleye & Northern Pike Fishing Wilderness Vacations in Northern Ontario Canada by Float Plane or Train


Catch and Release 1995

New Catch & Release Award

We introduced a new trophy last year and we would like to congratulate our first winner of the Titus Trophy. Sue Paniwozik caught and released a 42" Northern Pike last summer and that was the largest Pike released in 1995. So Sue, congratulations on being the first winner of the Titus Trophy for the largest Northern Pike released each year. Sue wanted us to give Paul congratulations for netting it. She said it was a team effort.
Sue and Paul had a graphite replica made of the fish for their cottage. Graphite replicas are made using the measurements of the fish and photos. The are far superior to a real mount in quality with the added advantage being that you get to return the fish to the water to create more fish. The largest fish are generally the best spawners as well as being genetically larger so they produce larger fish.

Another person who truly deserves recognition is Dick King. He released a 29" Walleye last year which made him our 1995 winner of the Gentle Fisherman Award for the Largest Walleye released each year.
Dick is a very knowledgeable fisherman who knows many of the hot spots in the lake and has caught a number of large fish over the years. But this was the largest Walleye he had ever released and he said it felt great. It gave him a great fight, he got a some good pictures and he hopes to catch it again sometime when it is even bigger.

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