2002 Canadian Fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike at Fishing Resort in Northern Ontario Canada

Canadian Walleye & Northern Pike Fishing Wilderness Vacations in Northern Ontario Canada by Float Plane or Train


2002 Catch and Release Fishing Awards

Every year we give 50 Catch & Release awards, plus trophies to our guests. The purpose of these awards is to encourage and reward the efforts put into ensuring the continued fishing quality of Lake Wabatongushi. Each Catch and Release award grants a discount of 10% to the recipient on their next vacation at our resort.. Besides the trophies for the largest Walleye released and largest Northern Pike released, each of the 7 largest Northern Pike and 7 Largest Walleyes released in 2002 earns a Catch and Release Discount. We also draw 2 names randomly from each week in our catch and release log book and the remainder are randomly drawn from all of the names in our Catch and Release Log Book. We would like to thank all of our guests for releasing the 100's of larger Northern Pike and Walleye registered in our Catch and Release log book and the other 100's of Walleye and Northern Pike released which were not registered. Each Walleye released over 15" and each Northern Pike released over 24" is elligible. Last year was great fishing again and we had many hundreds of Catch and Release entries. We appreciate all our guests dedication to fishing quality and we are glad they enjoyed themselves so much.

John Nelson said it was the best day of fishing in his whole life. Only his wife Sally being there too would have made it any more perfect. He was out in the boat with his son and grandson when his son Matt hooked something big, a 41" Northern Pike. It took a while to bring her in and she was exhausted but with a lot of work including grandson John swimming with it they got her revived, the third largest Northern Pike in 2002. They got all of it on video and that was a great morning. In the afternoon it was John's turn. This time they landed a 29" Walleye, the largest in 2002. Again it was exhausted and John's grandson had to jump into the water again to revive it. Both video's were incredible to watch and we really commend the sportmanship of the 3 generations of the Nelson family. We look forward to seeing what John and his wife Sally accomplish this summer.

One of the biggest Northern Pike ever caught in Lake Wabatongushi was released this spring. Northern Pike came off their spawn later last spring and the water stayed cooler so spring fishing in the shallows was exceptional. Mark Kulaszewski is a professional lure painter who has contracts with many of the major lure manufacturers. He bought a large black plug before he visited us and repainted it in a crackle finish. This Crackle Kula attracted many fish including a 50" monster. She was so large that Mark decided to measure her outside the boat rather than taking a chance on injuring her. We really appreciate his concern for what is likely one of the best spawning female Northern Pike in Lake Wabatongushi.

Russ Meyers is an amazing fisherman. He has passed his 70th birthday and can still outfish anyone we know. He is a past winner of both our Gentle Fisherman award for the largest Walleye Released and Titus Trophy for the largest Northern Pike released. Last year he caught and released 3 of the 7 largest Northern Pike. It is an honor to know such an accomplished fisherman and dedicated outdoorsman.

 7 Largest Walleyes
Released in 2002

 7 Largest Northern Pike
Released in 2002
John Nelson 29" Mark Kulaszewski 50"
Mike Schilling 28" Russ Meyer Sr 43"
Leo Molek 23" Matt Nelson 41"
Russ Eckert 23" Russ Meyer Sr 39.75"
Mark Felser 22.5" Jeff Harris 38"
Dan Colligan 22.5" Bob Schafer 37.5"
 Matthew Williams 22.5" Russ Meyer Sr 37.5"

Large fish are almost exclusively females which means they can produce a lot more fish. With Walleye especially, it is now generally accepted that the larger the female is, the more successful spawner she is. They do not necessarilly produce as many eggs per pound but their eggs are larger and healthier with a much higher viability and hatch success. They also tend to be genetically larger which increases the growth rate of the general population.

Below are our 2002 random recipients of 10% Catch and Release discounts on their next vacations.

Sue Watson - 19.5" Walleye Paul Knuth - 18" Walleye
Leo Jackson - 17" Walleye Paul Christian - 18.5" Walleye
Todd Steele - 18" Walleye Bob Andres - 26" Northern Pike
Pat Fulton - 18" Walleye Gary Hornvedt - 21.5" Walleye
Ernie King - 18" Walleye Marge Wetherell - 17" Walleye
Mike Light - 18" Walleye Steven Kokelaar - 25" Northern Pike
Jeff Schilling - 17.25" Walleye Doug Hoppa - 20" Walleye
Mary Hansen - 17.5" Walleye Patty Thomas - 15" Walleye
Len Federer - 35" Northern Pike Larry Novak - 25" Northern Pike
Matt Blackall Jr. - 30" Northern Pike Nada Rossback - 26" Northern Pike
Bill Bechard - 18" Walleye Becky Page - 32" Northern Pike
Jake Young - 24" Northern Pike Mike West - 28" Northern Pike
John Frazee - 17.5" Walleye Ron Johnson - 32" Northern Pike
Micheal Kramarczyk - 34" Northern Pike Bob Konarska - 35" Northern Pike
Tim Brooks - 20" Walleye David Fabrii - 31" Northern Pike
Dave Higgins - 17" Walleye Gary Stoner - 29" Northern Pike
Bob Rusiska - 18.5" Walleye Kathy Litz - 20" Walleye
Jim Burks - 20" Walleye Paul Watson - 17" Walleye

For this draw we separate all entries into their respective weeks, draw 2 entries from each week, the remaining entries are combined and we draw the balance of the winners from the remaining entries. We thank everyone who contributed to the ongoing fishing quality of Lake Wabatongushi.

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