2008 Canadian Fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike at Fishing Resort in Northern Ontario Canada

Canadian Walleye & Northern Pike Fishing Wilderness Vacations in Northern Ontario Canada by Float Plane or Train


2008 Catch and Release Fishing Awards

Trophy Northern Pike Fishing Jeff BosWe had lots of large Walleye and Northern Pike caught and released again last summer. We really appreciate this beacause all the largest fish are big females that lay a lot of eggs. Releasing them makes a huge difference in future fishing.

The largest Northern Pike released was by Jeff Bos, the 38 1/2" beauty you see him holding a right. Jeff has been coming up for fishing vacations with us since he was a kid and it is great that someone who enjoys fishing so much caught and released such a great prize.

The person who released the largest walleye last summer was Chris Schneider of the Buley group. They also have been visiting us for fishing vacations for a long time. Chis is posing tbelow with his beautiful 30" Walleye just before he released her.

Trophy Walleye Fishing Chris SchneiderBoth Chris and Jeff will be receiving trophies for releasing the largest fish last year as well as a 10% discount on their next vacation with us. We appreciate their dedication to long-term fishing quality. Releasing big fish is one of the best things you can do for future fishing generations and, if you do wan't a wall mount, graphite replicas actually look more real than a real mount and last forever instead of deteriorating after a decade or so.

Largest Walleye and Northern Pike Released in 2007

Largest Walleyes
Released in 2007

Largest Northern Pike
Released in 2007

Chris Schneider
30" Walleye

Gentle Fisherman Award Winner
Largest Walleye Realeased in 2007

Jeff Bos
38 1/2" Northern Pike

Titus Trophy Winner
Largest Northern Pike Released in 2006
Patrick Malinowski 29" Walleye Pete Wagner 38" Northern Pike
Tiffany Markell 28 1/2" Walleye Larry Light 37" Northern Pike
Dave Fabri 28" Walleye Ron Johnson 36 1/2" Northern Pike
Bob Horvath 27" Walleye Jim Colt 36 1/4" Northern Pike

As most of you know we also give 10% discounts on their next vacation to our guests who release the 5 largest walleye and 5 largest pike each year as well as to an additional 40 people randomly selected who release walleye and northern pike. Below are pictures of some of our last years winners. Larry Light with the 37" Northern Pike he released, Patrick Malinowski with his 29" Walleye, and Pete Wagner the beautiful 38" Northern Pike he released that was so close to being the largest Northern Pike caught and released in 2007.

Trophy Northern Pike Fishing Larry LightTrophy Walleye Fishing Patrick MalinowskiTrophy Northern Pike Fishing Pete Wagner

We really appreciate all of our guests enthusiasm for preserving the quality of fishing on Lake Wabatongushi. To encourage catch and release of larger fish we also have a random draw from our Catch & Release log book where our guests record their released fish, for an aditional forty awards 10% discounts on their next vacation. Below are our 40 random draw winners of 10% Catch and Release discounts for 2007 on their next vacations. We really appreciate everyon'e Catch & Release efforts in preserving excellent fishing in Lake Wabatongushi.

Bill Clayton - 16" Walleye Dick Liddicoat - 26 1/2" Northern Pike
Roberta Heckes - 16" Walleye George Helvey - 17" Walleye
Pat Allett - 17" Walleye Tom Quaderer - 18" Walleye
Mark Storts - 16" Walleye Chris Light - 17" Walleye
Jared Soles - 19" Walleye Steve Kapeller - 17" Walleye
Jacob Polakowski - 31" Northern Pike Cindy Knuth - 16" Walleye
Erik King - 26" Northern Pike Charlie Randall - 30" Northern Pike
Mary Giles - 27" Northern Pike Mike Kelley - 19" Walleye
Len Federer - 32" Northern Pike Mike Fry - 27" Northern Pike
Erica Palmer - 25" Northern Pike Kim Colby - 17" Walleye
Aaron Blackall - 24" Northern Pike Don LaFave - 33 1/2" Northern Pike
Janet Kelly - 31" Northern Pike Steve Jones - 16 1/2" Walleye
Jon Herrman - 31 1/2" Northern Pike Ed Nagel - 29" Northern Pike
Abby Johnson - 19" Walleye Don Campbell - 24" Northern Pike
Janice Wilkinson - 29 1/2" Northern Pike Brian Arnold - 34" Northern Pike
Ronda Huston - 25" Walleye Doug Hoppa - 32" Northern Pike
Louise Paquette - 34 1/2" Northern Pike Jason Buranen - 20" Walleye
Pat Fulton - 17 1/2" Walleye Ken Champagne - 26" Walleye
Diane Weaver - 15" Walleye Walter Cross - 18" Walleye
Gary Stoner - 17" Walleye Gary Maske - 18 1/2" Walleye

Large fish are almost exclusively females. With Walleye especially, it is now generally accepted that the larger the female is, the more successful spawner she is. They do not necessarily produce as many eggs per pound but their eggs are larger and healthier with a much higher viability, hatch success, and health. They also tend to be genetically larger which increases the growth rate of the population. So releasing the big ones is the best thing to do to ensure great future fishing. And taking a picture of your Tophy Walleye or Trophy Northern Pike gives you something for your wallete, and our website and a picture allows you to have a replica made if you do want a trophy fish on your wall.

For this draw we separate all entries into their respective weeks, draw 2 entries from each week we are open, the remaining entries are combined and we draw the balance of the winners from the entries for the whole year. We thank everyone who contributed to the ongoing fishing quality of Lake Wabatongushi.

Al, Doris, Devin & Morgan Errington
and the staff at Errington's Wilderness Island Resort

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