2010 Canadian Fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike at Fishing Resort in Northern Ontario Canada

Canadian Walleye & Northern Pike Fishing Wilderness Vacations in Northern Ontario Canada by Float Plane or Train


Canadian Fishing 2010
at Errington's Wilderness Island in Ontario Canada

Largest Walleye Canada Trophy Fishing 2010Future Father-inLaw and Son-in-Law Team on Largest Walleye Released in 2010

Long time guest Tom Quaderer brought his future son-in-law John with him last spring, sort of a pre-welcome to the family and bonding with the future husband of his daughter. They bonded great on this 32 inch Walleye they caught in the evening off of Campsite Island. It was getting dark and they had had a good day of Walleye fishing but they decided to take one more turn with their rapalas along the shore before heading in. John hooked into this 32" Walleye. This was very streesful for Tom because missing on the net for his future Son-inLaw's Trophy Walleye does not set a good precedent in a relationship, and this Walleye was not coming in easy. But Tom got a good scoop on the net, and they laid it out and stared at it in either exhaustion or shock, they were not sure which, but they were very happy. They measured her, took a quick picture, and returned her to the lake to contribute to future fishing. A 32 inch Walleye around here is about 31 years old and a prime spawning female according to our Walleye/Pike Fish Size/Age Chart.

Largest Northern Pike Canada Trophy FishingLargest Northern Pike of 2010

Ken Champagne, vacationing with his son Chris, caught and released the largest Pike of our 2010 fishing season. Ken Caught and Released this 38 1/2 inch Pike Trophy Walleye Catch & Release Fishing Ontario Canada. A couple of days earlier Ken's son Chris Caught and released this 26 inch Walleye, the first and largest Walleye Chis has ever caught.

2010 was definitely a great fishing year, especially for Walleye. For more Great Canadian Fishing Walleye Canada Trophy Fishingstories and pictures, as well as some great wildlife stories and pictures, go to our Wilderness Weblog and click on our archives for June 2010, July 2010, and August 2010.


Here are the largest Walleye and Northern Pike Caught and Released by our guests fishing at our resort in our 2010 fishing season. It is great to see all these trophy fish going back after some great fights and quick pictures. The biggest walleye and pike are the really prime spawners so retuning them too back to Lake Wabatongushi enures great fishing for future vacations.

For more information on Fish maturity and spawning ages go to our Walleye & Northern Pike Fish Age-Size and Male/Female Ratio Chart in our website at: http://www.wildernessisland.com/WalleyePikeAgeSize.php.

Catch & Release Trophy Fishing
Largest Walleye and Northern Pike Caught & Released in 2010

Largest Walleyes
Released in 2010

Largest Northern Pike
Released in 2010

John Blair
32" Walleye

Gentle Fisherman Fishing Award Winner
Largest Walleye Caught & Realeased in 2010

Ken Champagne
38 1/2" Northern Pike

Titus Fishing Trophy Winner
Largest Northern Pike Caught & Released in 2010
Pete Buley 30 1/2" Walleye Mathew Conrad 36" Northern Pike
Bob Hanstad 30 1/2" Walleye Dave Duquette 36" Northern Pike
Jan Fultz 30" Walleye Jim Edgette 36" Northern Pike
Carlo Williams 29 1/2" Walleye Gary Stelow 36" Northern Pike
Eric Williams 29 1/2" Walleye Rene Gall 35" Northern Pike

Random Draw
Catch & Release Fishing Winners

Here are the remainder of our 50 recipients for our 2010 Catch & Release Fishing Awards. We draw these recipients from random draw from our Catch & Release Fishing Log Book. Each of these guests will receive a 10% Catch and Release Fishing Discount on their next fishing vacation at our fishing lodge.

Pat Allett - 32" Northern Pike Joy Aukland - 27 1/2" Walleye
Jill Batchelor - 24 1/2" Walleye Eric Blackall - 27" Northern Pike
John Bos - 30 1/2" Northern Pike Mark Bowman - 27 1/2" Walleye
Tom Buley - 20 1/2" Walleye Tricia Cooney - 31" Northern Pike
George Cross - 35 1/4" Northern Pike Don Donagrandi - 24 1/2" Walleye
Mark Fabrii - 26" Northern Pike Len Federer - 30" Northern Pike
Gary Giles - 28" Walleye John Hofer - 30 1/2" Northern Pike
Ronda Huston - 30" Northern Pike Doug Jones - 29" Northern Pike
Mike Kelley - 32" Northern Pike Juanita King - 22" Walleye
Dan LeBlond - 25" Northern Pike Chris Light - 18" Walleye
Patrick Luea - 27 1/2 Walleye Brian Mack - 34" Northern Pike
Janice Maneke - 20" Walleye Gary Maske - 28" Northern Pike
Matt McIntosh - 32" Northern Pike Joe Molitoe - 19 1/2" Walleye
Kevin Norman - 30" Northern Pike John Porter - 20" Walleye
Chuck Pullen - 29 1/2" Northern Pike Tom Quaderer - 23" Walleye
Dixie Rudnicki - 26 1/2" Walleye Ed Sedlacek - 28" Walleye
Brent Shockley - 28" Walleye Terri Smetana - 30" Northern Pike
Cathy Snow - 25" Northern Pike Gary Soles - 26" Northern Pike
Damian Starr - 29" Walleye Sue Tilley - 34" Northern Pike

For this draw we separate all entries into their respective weeks, draw 2 entries from each week, all remaining entries for the year are combined and we draw the balance of the winners from the remaining entries. We thank everyone who contributed to the ongoing fishing quality of Lake Wabatongushi.

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