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Guide Services

At Errington’s, fishing is an exciting experience to do on your own but fishing with a guide will increase your chances of an experience you won’t forget. Hiring one of our experienced guides will increase your fishing success as well as increasing opportunities for you to see and learn about our local wildlife and nature. Learn techniques and lures that really work on Lake Wabatongushi. Every lake is different. Lake Wabatongushi has a great fish habitat; lots of fish and the fishing is relatively shallow and easy. But learning what really works best, and from people who fish Lake Wabatongushi daily, can substantially increase your fishing success and enjoyment. It may be northern pike, walleye or yellow perch. Having a guide you will teach where to fish and increase your skills like a true angler.

Our guides also know where the wildlife are and this will  increase your chances of seeming moose, black bear, bald eagles and other wildlife in the area. Our guides also have knowledge of the local animals and nature they can share with you.

Guide Fees:

Guides are available for Fishing and/or wildlife viewing by day, half day, or by the hour:

Full Day Guide: $150 CDN (Approx $115 USD)

Half Day Guide: $80 CDN (Approx $62 USD)

Guide Per Hour: $30 CDN (Approx $23 USD)